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Given our extensive R&D experience within the HVAC&R industry, we feel it is important to share our knowledge with the community and provide educational services when and where needed. We offer an array of workshops, seminars, and training sessions to inform engineers of recent advancements in the industry, approaches to designing systems and products, and solution capabilities through software programs and methodologies. We also frequently customize our workshops to meet the experience level of your engineering team and to address your specific concerns and interests.

Please contact us if you have a training need. We customize our workshops to meet the experience level of your engineering team and to address your specific concerns and interests.

  • 1. Heat Transfer and Vapor Compression Cycle Fundamentals
    • HVAC and Heat Transfer Fundamentals
    • HVAC Optimization
    • Refrigeration Cycle Fundamentals
    • Refrigerant and Oil Mixing and Impacts on Vapor Compression System Performance
    • Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers (tube-fin and microchannel coils)
    • Fluid-to-Fluid Heat Transfer (Plate Heat Exchangers)
    • Compact Heat Exchangers
    • Frost Accumulation and Defrost Strategies: Modeling Performance and Implementing
  • 2. Future and Alternative Technologies
    • Advanced Cooling Technologies
    • Combined Heat and Power Systems
    • Absorption Systems and Applications
    • Application of Thermoelectric Cooling and Heat Pumping Technologies
    • CO₂ and Other Transcritical Systems and Applications
    • Thermal Storage Technologies and Integration
    • Increasing System Performance and Effectiveness through Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling
    • Thermal Storage Options and Implementation
  • 3. Heat Exchanger Design and Technology
    • Recent Trends in Compact Heat Exchanger Technology
    • Impacts of Refrigerant and Air Maldistribution on Heat Exchanger Performance
    • The Future of Heat Exchanger Design
    • Design of Air-to-Refrigerant Heat Exchangers
    • Effective Design and Integration of Suction Line Heat Exchangers
    • Heat Exchanger Testing and Validation
  • 4. Software Development and Training
    • CoilDesigner® Techniques, Tips, and Tools
    • VapCyc® Techniques, Tips, and Tools
    • Transient Modeling Strategies and Methodologies
    • Optimization
    • Data Reduction
  • 5. Product and Development Planning
    • Innovation Engineering
    • Research Roadmap Development
    • Market Analysis and Technology Roadmapping
    • Uncertainty Analysis and Impacts on Data Interpretation and Reliability
  • 6. Environmental Considerations and Impacts
    • Natural and Alternative Refrigerants
    • Life Cycle Climate Performance
    • Renewables and Integration with “Traditional” Technologies