Software Development
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All service work is now conducted by OTS R&D, Inc. Please visit their website for additional information.

While our in-house software, XProps®, CoilDesigner® and VapCyc® aid in the design and simulation of a variety of HVAC&R coils and systems, they aren’t always appropriate for a specific project or application. In such instances, we support new technology evaluation and exploration through the development of custom software solutions. This may include developing a new software package from scratch, modifying an existing software tool, or customizing CoilDesigner® and VapCyc® to leverage their functionality. We can customize a solution just for you, to meet the specific simulation needs for a particular coil, component, or system.

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  • Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic
  • C, C++, C#
  • Engineering Equation Solver (EES)
  • Simulink®
  • Modelica®
  • CoilDesigner® and VapCyc®customization
  • Custom product analysis/selection/sizing tools
  • Design engineering tools
  • Software platform upgrades/migration
  • Heat transfer modules/components for use in other programs/platforms