Thomas Dresch
Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Thomas Dresch serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for OTS, focusing on business development, customer outreach, and marketing. Mr. Dresch obtained his Master's Degree in Numerical Analysis from Syracuse University, New York though his career spans over 35 years of software development, systems engineering, program management and business development in various developmental programs for GE, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and DRS Technologies. Mr. Dresch’s last 15 years have been devoted to Research and Development funding from US Government Agencies (DOE, DOD, Transit Authorities, Homeland Defense) and major OEMs to advance internal R&D concepts to manufacturable products.

Prior to joining OTS, Mr. Dresch spent 4 years working on R&D programs in the HVAC&R industry, but with a focus on military applications. In this capacity, he changed the military HVAC market from a commodity-based product to a value proposition market by incorporating energy efficiency solutions from the commercial market. This experience has served as a valuable resource in understanding OTS client needs and challenges in developing new HVAC&R technologies to meet ever stricter energy and environmental demands.



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