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OTS new partner

OTS new partner
In partnership with OTS, John Bush, PhD, PE, provides cutting-edge research and development consulting services as OTS Energy. OTS Energy focuses on providing smarter, more flexible and efficient solutions to meet our future energy needs. John’s knowledge and capabilities in refrigeration systems and utility interests compliment OTS’ long-standing expertise in the HVAC&R industry.

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OTS is expanding its reach in an effort to provide input on energy efficiency, refrigerant selection and storage technology in an area that is paving the way to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future: California! To expand our network and find new opportunities for collaboration, we’ve joined the Empower Innovation network. We invite you to explore their website and join the effort!
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OTS has joined a global effort to support sustainable cooling under the Green Cooling Initiative. This group of partners is committed to “sustainably transforming the cooling sector in emerging and developing countries” around the world. See our profile on their website.
While OTS is expert in evaluating a range of systems and refrigerants, we believe in energy efficient and sustainable solutions. As such, we are proud members of the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRA) and encourage you to learn more about their cause.
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