Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc. (OTS) transforms the way thermal systems are designed and developed, freeing engineers to do what they do best: create and innovate.

Optimized Thermal Systems (OTS), Inc. was founded by Dr. Reinhard Radermacher in 2002 as Thermal Analysis Partners, LLC (TAP) in response to a recognized need for specialized consulting and software development in the energy conversion industry. Teaming with colleagues, Dr. Radermacher established a workforce committed to solving unique heat transfer and refrigerant challenges brought forth by the industry.

The company name was changed from TAP to Optimized Thermal Systems, LLC in 2010. In 2013, OTS merged to become Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc.

OTS has a single office and laboratory in Beltsville, MD. We contribute to key research and development in the HVAC industry by:

  • Developing, verifying and validating highly goal-oriented simulation tools;
  • Integrating with multi-objective optimization, analysis and visualization of the entire product design space;
  • Facilitating innovation workshops to drive new technology development; and,
  • Utilizing a unique combination of thermal analysis, software simulation, and physical testing to evaluate HVAC systems and components.

What does the OTS logo signify? Since we’re a team of engineers, you of course have to put the logo on an x-y diagram. Consider an example using system performance and cost. The green dot of the OTS logo represents a baseline design condition and the blue line represents a Pareto curve of optimized designs. Thus, the OTS logo embodies our mission and vision - striving for optimized performance, no matter the system or project!

OTS is committed to enabling energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. To do our part, OTS buys renewable energy certificates to offset 100% of the energy consumed by our Beltsville, Maryland office and laboratory.